Essential Things To Be Aware Of Before Buying A House

process of buying a house

Buying a home can be quite liberating, having your own space and being your own landlord can give one peace of mind. But before you get to the state of euphoria, there are things you should know and implement to get there.

Stick to your budget! It is important to try and stick to the amount you budgeted for. When looking at any house that you would consider purchasing, question if the asking price is reasonable and the answer to this question will determine your next step. Knowing exactly what your expenses are is a key factor, how much do you spend monthly on your debt and lifestyle expenses? Are you willing to cut down on lifestyle expenses and do you have a savings account you contribute towards? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself so you can determine if you can afford the house you like.

Think long term when buying property, don’t just think about now and your current situation. Financially, buying a property is a big step that needs commitment. So, you’ll have to ask yourself: are you considering staying at your job for a long time or having kids? These all affect which kind of property and the affordability of the property you’re interested in. Also buying a house you can afford doesn’t always mean you can afford the mortgage, as there are extra costs you may incur so ask your realtor to help you understand all other costs that may be involved.

Considering the type of property that you want to buy is key. Is it a big family home, duplex or townhouse? Are you in need of a lot of room or can you compromise on space in the name of a lower running cost of the house?

With that being said, mortgage options are important. Is a 20-year fixed mortgage the right fit for you or would you be better off with another type of loan? If you can pay larger monthly installments you may be able to negotiate a lower interest rate. Or opt for a more flexible mortgage rate that gives you low-interest rates for the first couple of years. Ask questions and do your math.

The neighborhood is another important factor when looking into buying a home. When researching realtors and finance options, your neighborhood research should also be right up there as the main priority. Does the area fit your lifestyle, are shops and schools easily accessible? Check out the neighborhood at different times of the day. Find out what developments or infrastructure is planned for the area. There’s a lot to consider when you make the decision to start shopping for a home. Make sure you’ve taken it all in before you start your journey.

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