When my husband and I built our house it was a very stressful time. There was no network to share frustrations or a clear pathway. We learned a lot from that experience and survived the stress and cost of it all. From that experience, I got my sales license and started to work for a leading residential building and real estate company.  I realized by talking to thousands of customers over those years that so many first home buyers like me just didn’t know where to start either. So I designed and developed the MyHomeBuy app. I wanted to create an organizational tool that would keep all of us who are buying a home for the first time on track, with an understanding of the process so we can help ease the pressure of deadlines and help prevent your contract from falling over.  There is a lot of information out there so the goal is for users of the app to have everything stored in one place, join all the pieces of the home buying journey puzzle together and feel like you have a home buying personal assistant on your mobile phone.

An essential part of this app is feedback and suggestions from you. Have you already bought a property, are buying one or even building? We want to make the biggest purchase of your life an easy one through our app. We look forward to hearing from you and implementing your feedback.


Liam Gallagher 

One of the early adopters of MyHomeBuyApp is Liam Gallagher, who has emigrated from Ireland and is now looking to purchase his first home in Australia.

Mr. Gallagher said the application was hugely beneficial, as it provided clear and completely independent advice on how to purchase a home.

“I was lucky to avoid taking bad advice from a realtor when I first started looking at homes here in Australia,” he said.

“A property was recommended to me as an ideal first home, however after doing a bit more research I realized it would be tenanted for the next 10 months, and as such, I wouldn’t qualify for the Stamp Duty Exemption. This would have been a $20,000 oversight on my part.”

“The app has a range of tips and tricks which help educate people stepping into the market for the first time.”

“I also found that a buyer’s agent could be of value, but at the same time, they typically charge a high fee for their services and outside of the App, the most trustworthy advice I have received has been from my mortgage broker, who has been great throughout the process, but still, the industry dictates that they only get paid on the closing of a property.”

“It seemed as if everyone offering their assistance may have and/or explicitly did have an ulterior motive and were financially rewarded for not having my best interests at heart, which is why I started looking for a tool that would offer unbiased advice and guidance.”

Mr. Gallagher said the app had more user-friendly features than most other real estate apps.

“Buying a home can be a daunting process, with so many deadlines and different parties to liaise with,” he said.

“If you miss something you could end up with penalty fees or paying more than you should for a service.”

“I will definitely put the success I have in finding my ideal first property down to the MyHomeBuy App as it has helped me to successfully navigate the many potential pitfalls and would recommend to anyone looking to explore the property world.”

-Eileen Merriman, MyHomeBuy App Co-Founder